Videos from In Light of Nature Photography

Wildlife of the San Luis Valley Wetlands

The high-altitude cold-desert environment of the San Luis Valley in Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico provides vital habitat for many different species. Wetlands, sparsely scattered around the valley on private and public lands, provide water, shelter, and food for wildlife.

Raptors from the high arctic winter over in the San Luis Valley as the expansive land here is similar to their summer breeding grounds in the arctic.  In summer, raptors from as far away as Patagonia migrate to the valley where the agricultural fields and grasslands are reminiscent of the Pampas region of Argentina.

Thousands of Sandhill Cranes and waterbirds use the San Luis Valley as a “staging area” before their final migration north in March or south in October.   The cranes perform elaborate courtship dances in the valley.

Surrounded by the 14,000 peaks of the Sangre de Cristo and the San Juan Mountains, this 4,000 square mile valley supports many wildlife species while also providing valuable agriculture resources to keep us humans fed.

Premiere showing during 2021 Monte Vista Crane Festival, Colorado

The Salmon Seekers

Salmon return to their native streams in one final life push to spawn and propagate future generations.  The annual salmon runs up the coastal streams Alaska draws bears from hundreds of miles away during short time windows. Hungry and thin after their long winter hibernation, the bears double their body weight from the bounty of salmon.

Follow my photographic journey with these Brown Bears and Black Bears as they seek out salmon in the Alaskan Peninsula and temperate rainforests of Southeast Alaska.

Film showings and lectures:

  • April 7th, 2014, Conejo Valley Audubon, Thousand Oaks, California
  • April 8th, 2014, Monterey Audubon, Pacific Grove, California
  • April 10th, 2014 Yosemite Audubon, Mariposa
  • October 13, 2015, Ventura Audubon, Ventura, California
  • September 8, 2021, New Mexico Audubon, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Thanks to the National Audubon Society for sponsoring this film and my presentations.

Elk Birthday

I spent my birthday high up in the cool mountains watching other lives beginning and reflecting on my life and experiences.

Life presents us with different trails to take as we grow into the future.

New and exciting life paths lie ahead of me. I arrived here after navigating many different trails. Some of them were rough, and other paths we might have wished we didn’t choose. These have made me stronger and wiser. I will utilize what I have learned from these earlier journeys to enjoy what awaits me in the future.

I like to say, “When you stop learning, you begin dying.” Bring on more of life’s lessons for me please, I enjoy what the journey teaches me.

This short (rough/cut) video shows where my classroom was yesterday, on my birthday.