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Workflows in photography

There are many necessary steps between pushing the shutter to when we share our finished photographs with friends, publishing, or selling them.  This sequence of steps you follow is your workflow.

Different photographers follow different workflows.  Beginner photographers may not follow the same workflow early each time. Eventually, though, most photographers establish a routine workflow in transferring, editing, managing, and safeguarding their photographs.

I like to follow the same workflow every time I photograph.  Doing so grounds me in knowing that I took the necessary essential steps.  Workflows exist in many fields of expertise.  A quality car mechanic follows an established routine each time they repair a vehicle.  The same holds for experienced software developers, artists, plumbers, electricians, and farmers.   Professionals follow their learned workflow to maintain quality, avoid mistakes, quiet their minds and focus on the job at hand.

When you are out photographing all day, tired from travel, and exhausted, following an established workflow is efficient and robust against errors.

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