Truchas Peak (13,108′) glistens with new snow in front of the pink twilight arc (known as the “Belt of Venus“) and the blue shadow of the Earth on the outer atmosphere.  January 2, 2022.

Seasons Greetings!

It is Christmas time, and although most of the US is experiencing explosive cyclogenesis (aka a “bomb cyclone”)  buried in snow and extreme sub-zero temperatures, in Santa Fe, the snow is non-existent, with only a thin snow layer on the tops of the mountains.  I hope the blizzards and extreme winter temperatures in the mid-west and east do not cause much more danger and grief, especially during the holiday season.

Having snow on the ground makes it feel more like Christmas to me.  As I write this article, I look out the window and see people walking downtown wearing shorts, although they are also wearing jackets – it is still cold out (37 deg F) at noon.

Although I dream of a white Christmas with deep snow, frosted trees, and abundant skiing, the Christmas spirit is present.   People are smiling and moving a bit slower, being more aware of the world around them.  It is healthy for us all to pause and share the joy of the holiday season with those around us, including strangers.

Some of the white stuff fell in mid-November, as shown in this photo from a quiet morning hike on November 14, 2022. We have had a couple of light snow storms since then, but nothing like we used to have when snow was on the ground for much of the winter.