Private Photography Coaching

Online coaching is available for:

  1. Post-processing workflows
  2. Adobe Lightroom
  3. Adobe Photoshop
  4. File organization and management
  5. Learning how to use your new camera

Before and after iPhone raw photograph edited in Lightroom.

Learn how to refine your photographs

Taking a picture is only the first step towards creating a quality photograph. Every photograph can be improved with some editing or “post-processing.”

I have learned that each student has unique areas to improve and that one-on-one hands-on private instruction quickly advances their skills. 

The majority of my workshop photographers are return clients. We often work together after the workshop for private coaching on post-processing, file management, and other photography-related questions. I also provide personal instruction for those who have not taken any seminars with me.

When you register for a lesson, I review whether or not I will help you meet your goals and fully refund you if I can’t.

The lessons are one-hour sessions. Before we meet, I devote more than one hour working to optimize our scheduled time together. In most cases, but not required, students upload the photographs they want to edit prior to our session. 

After our session, I provide you with detailed notes, annotated screenshots, and video clips of our steps to refine your photographs.

Applications we will utilize in refining your photos include:

  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe Photoshop
    • Topaz (optional)
    • Aurora HDR (optional)
    • Lumenzia (optional)

Lesson topics

  • Organize and protect your images
  • Learn an effective workflow to optimize your photographs
  • Learn how to reduce noise and professional sharpen your images
  • Learn practical methods of using layers and masking
  • Learn how to apply high-dynamic-range (HDR) techniques to create stunning and realistic photographs when the lighting conditions are challenging
  • Learn how to create professional-quality panoramas
  • Learn how to use focus stacking to achieve extreme depth-of-field images
  • Learn how to process spectacular nightscape images

An example annotated screen capture from a post-processing lesson is shown here — I will send these to you during our private session.

Rainbow over the Sangre de Cristo Rainbow over the Sangre de Cristo

Before and after post-processing using Lightroom.

Lessons are Individually Customized to Meet Your Learning Objectives

  • We will work together refine your photographs
  • Learn the why and the how behind refining photographs
  • Detailed notes and screenshots of your lesson provided for your reference

How it works

Reserve a lesson time

  • You: Reserve lesson time slots (one-hour increments) and whether we will work together in person or online
  • You: Describe what you would like to learn more about
  • Me: I will review your learning objectives, perhaps ask you a few questions via e-mail to better understand your needs
  • You: Upload the photos that you want to discuss and work on together (optional)
  • Me: If I feel that I cannot meet your learning objectives, I will fully refund your lesson fee


Private lessons are $125/hour plus tax.

Virga at sunset over the Sangre de Cristo mountains Virga at sunset over the Sangre de Cristo mountains
Shore birds in flight at the Bosque del Apache NWR
Bobcat at Bosque del Apache