“Red Rainbow”

The elusive “red rainbow” lights up the sky over Northern New Mexico after the sun sets below the horizon.

The Rainbow Deserves a Natural Setting

Rainbows can be fleeting. In the summer monsoon season, rainbows can often be seen decorating the beautiful skies of Northern New Mexico. To see a rainbow, you have to be in the right location relative to the sun and the rain shower. If you want to see a rainbow over a beautiful landscape setting, say opposed to seeing one over a strip mall, you need to be lucky or do some planning. Perhaps both luck and planning are required!

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Making a Rainbow with Warm Light

Sunlight becomes warmer in color when the rays from the sun travel through long distances in the atmosphere. At noon the sun goes through 11 miles of the atmosphere before reaching the ground. At sunrise and sunset, the low angle sun rays travel through thousands of miles of the atmosphere before reaching our eyes.

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