“Frozen Symmetry

A cottonwood reflects on itself in a frozen farm pond during an intense sunset

The Grass is Greener…

Nature photography often plays “tricks” with me. Perhaps this is to teach me lessons about the bigger picture, about life?

One lesson that keeps coming up for me in my photography pursuits has a theme related to “The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side of the Fence…” proverb.

I live in a beautiful area of Northern New Mexico, between Santa Fe and Taos, off of the “High Road to Taos.” This scenic route is a destination for many that want to see and experience the natural beauty and cultures of the Sangre de Cristo mountains. Beautiful light and compositions abound here on any given day. I try to photograph the sunrise and sunset every day when I am at home and not on the road.

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Shiny Ice

As I photographed the reflection of the tree in the partially frozen pond, it was hard to differentiate the light reflected from ice with light reflected from water.

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