Useful Camera Settings for Your Photography Workshop

In order to get the most from your upcoming photography workshop please familiarize yourself with the camera settings below before the workshop.  Knowing how to find these settings on your camera before the workshop will help you get the most from the workshop!

You can download the owners manual of your camera and install it on your smartphone.

Smartphone apps can help you in the field if you need to reference your owners manual.  Always test these at home, with your phone in airplane mode, before venturing out of cell phone range. We will be out of cell phone range during the workshop/tour.

Below are some apps that I use to have a searchable copy of the owners manual with me in the field:

Nikon Manual Viewer 2 (Android)

Nikon Manual Viewer 2 (iPhone)

Canon Camera Handbooks (Android)

Canon Camera Handbooks (iPhone)

Fujifilm, Pentax, Panasonic, Sony, and others