Planning and Preparing for a Photography Tour

  • Designing the optimal photography for you depends on:
    • Your photography objectives
    • The time of year, wildlife, and weather conditions
    • Your schedule and physical ability
  • Please complete the survey below so we can work together to plan a rewarding photography tour

Photography Tours start in either Santa Fe or Taos

If you are flying into Albuquerque the following transportation options may help if you do not have a car:

Pre-Photography Tour Survey

Please complete this pre-workshop survey so that we can provide the best experience for you.
  • How many miles were they? Did you carry a pack? How many hours? What elevation gains? Answering these questions helps us design a photography tour that is safe and enjoyable for you. Thanks.
  • We need to know beforehand if you have any issues that might affect your hiking, walking, or skiing ability. Tours are designed to best fit your ability, ranging from no hiking to lots of hiking.
  • Please list your camera model(s), lenses, and whether or not you will have a tripod (tripods can be borrowed if needed)