In Light of Nature - Photography Tours

Half-Day ($200/ person) and Full-Day ($325 / person).

COVID-19 Precautionary Measures

All In Light of Nature Photography Workshops and Tours take the COVID-19 pandemic seriously. We ask our clients to do the same.

We require the following safeguards during our workshops and tours.

  1. No carpooling. Each client must use their own vehicle.
    • The only exception allowed is for cohabitating spouses.
  2. We will not conduct any in-person indoor classes or demonstrations.
    • We will provide online classroom sections for workshops.
  3. Masks are required to be worn at all times.

Custom Photography Tours

  • Capture the artistic light of Northern New Mexico.
  • Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado tours.
  • Landscape, wildlife, and nightscape tours available.
  • All levels of photographers welcome.  Beginner to Pro.
  • Tours tailored to your interests, abilities, and desires.

Landscape Photography Tours

  • Full-day tours sunrise to sunset.
  • Half-day tours mornings or afternoons.
  • Locations optimized for current season / weather.
  • Photograph the unique places I have explored for over 33 years!

Half-day tours ($200/person), Full-day tours ($325/person) + sales tax

Wildlife Photography Tours

  • Full-day tours sunrise to sunset.
  • Half-day tours mornings or afternoons.
  • Photography of bird and mammal species in stunning settings.
  • Learn how to photograph wildlife without disturbing them.

Half-day tours ($200/person), Full-day tours ($325/person) + sales tax

Nightscape Photography Tours

  • New Mexico has some of the darkest skies for nightscapes.
  • Tours timed for optimal dark skies
  • Refine your nighttime photography with beautiful foregrounds.
  • Learn about light painting and nightscape technique.
  • Use modern tools and methods for planning your nightscapes.
  • Lightning photography during July and August.
  • Milky Way photography.
  • Dark sky constellation photograph in winter.
  • Moonrise photography available on select dates.

Nightscape tours ($225/person) + sales tax

Backcountry Photography edVentures

  • Explore the backcountry to photograph the solitude of the wilderness.
  • Backcountry ski/snowshoe, canyoneering, mountain biking, and high-altitude off trail photography adventures available.
  • Contact us to plan a custom backcountry photography adventure.

What is Included on Tours?

  • Full-day tours include a sack lunch, snacks, drinks (no alcohol allowed).
  • Half-day tours include snacks and drinks.
  • Transportation from Santa Fe or Taos.
  • Entry fees to parks and reserves.
  • Instruction on field techniques you want to work on.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I bring a friend or spouse with me?
    Guests are not allowed on tours.

  2. What if I do not have transportation?
    Transportation is provided if you are starting your tour from the Santa Fe or Taos areas.

  3. How many participants are allowed on photography tours?
    Tours are limited to 1 – 3 participants.

  4. What if the weather does not cooperate?
    Tours are rarely cancelled due to weather as there are different location options available.  Stormy weather often adds to photo opportunities in this area.  If the weather conditions are unsafe and prevent us from traveling to our destination we will reschedule your tour, and if that is not possible we will refund your tour fee minus 10%.

  5. I have no idea about where to go, I have never been to these areas before, where is best?
    Please contact us to discuss different options that are best for a given season and your photography preferences. Please complete this pre-tour survey first.

  6. What is the difference between a photography workshop and tour?
    Workshops focus on learning new techniques.  On tours instruction is optional and up to you how much instruction you prefer on field technique.  Many tour participants are seasoned photographers who are looking for new photo opportunities and little instruction. Workshops may include classroom sessions on post-processing, tours do not teach post-processing. Tours focus on photography in the field only – no classroom instruction. On most tours the tour leader will be photographing alongside you and will answer questions you have on technique.

  7. How soon in advance do I need to make a reservation?
    Ideally we ask for at least two weeks advance notice, however if you are in the area and interested in a “last-minute” tour, please contact us to see if any slots are available.

How to Take a Photography Tour

  1. Please read and submit this planning document and survey.
  2. Contact us to reserve a tour.
  3. Required Equipment
    • Sun protection (hat, long-sleeved shirt, sunscreen).
    • Sturdy and comfortable hiking boots or trail running shoes.
    • Weather gear appropriate for the season (contact us for recommendations).
    • Headlamp (let us know at registration time if you need to borrow a headlamp).
    • Pack to carry your gear.
    • Recommended: Hiking/trekking poles (let us know at registration time if you need to borrow poles).
  4. Required Photography Gear
    • Extra camera batteries.
    • Extra memory cards.
    • Tripod with cable release and timer (let us know if you need to borrow these).
    • Instruction manual for your camera if it is new to you.

Call 505-690-0549 or e-mail us to learn more and reserve a tour.