Penny for my Thoughts

Next week I head off for an extended solo photography trip in the wilderness of Alaska.  As is often the case I try to accomplish way too much at home before actually packing and preparing for these trips.  Now the time has come to get real and get ready!

In addition to all the projects at home I am trying to finish, we now have been blessed with a new 8 month vizsla rescue.  Penny is a beautiful, sweet vizsla currently learning all about her new home.  Squirt (18 year old vizsla rescue) and Berton (12 year vizsla rescue) are pleased to have a new sister.  Penny is a handful though!

Vizslas need lots of exercise and to be “working” on something themselves.  Instinctually that  is pointing, flushing, and retrieving.  They are incredibly versatile hunting dogs.  Although I am not a hunter my daily hikes photographing wildlife help the vizslas practice their innate skills.

Penny, the 8 month Vizsla pointing at mayflies on the river.

The pups get two hikes a day.  In the summer one of their favorite places is a local river where they can enjoy the shade and cool water.  When Penny gets to the river she transforms into the bird dog that she is.  Pointing at birds, butterflies, and even mayflies (aquatic river insects that trout love).   The older pups, Berton and Squirt, are more subdued now, and enjoy a slower pace at the river.

A Mayfly hovers above the water waiting to lay eggs in the river and continue the life cycle.

Vizslas are incredible athletes.  They can climb trees, catch flying insects and birds, and they run like the wind.  They are one of the fastest dog breeds.

As Penny intensely focuses on flying insects I love to capture her incredible athleticism in photographs.