Majestic Eagles

Photographs of Bald Eagles and Golden Eagles in different habitats in North America.

Bald Eagle dropping down to land in a whiteout snowstorm.

Bald Eagle Lowering in a Whiteout


A Bald Eagle lands in the snow with a full wing span.

Full-Wingspan Bald Eagle Landing in Snow


Picture of a juvenile bald eagle landing on a log in the rainforest of SE Alaska.

Juvenile Bald Eagle Landing on Log in Tongass Rainforest


Look in the Rearview Mirror!


Juvenile Bald Eagle Cruising an Emerald Estuary


Bald Eagle Skimming the Brooks River for Fish


Mom Distracts the Kids, While Dad Delivers the Fish


Hey, Get Off My Tree


Inverted Defense


Golden Eagles Gives the Side-eye to a Red-tailed Hawk


Cool, Cold Water


Juvenile Bald Eagle Lands in the Cold