Licensing of In Light of Nature Photographs

I appreciate your interest in licensing an image from In Light of Nature, LLC.

Below you will find the invoice form for licensing an image.

Please follow this sequence to successfully license an image.

  1. Initiate a request by contacting In Light of Nature, LLC.  We will discuss your desired uses of the image.
  2. In Light of Nature, LLC.  will send you a draft license agreement to review and discuss together via e-mail
  3. After any changes, a final agreement will be sent to you with an invoice to purchase the license.  The license agreement is not valid and will not have my signature on it until full payment has been received.
  4. After your invoice has been paid, I will email you the final license agreement for you to electronically sign.  Once you sign the agreement, I will sign it and send you the secured final PDF.
  5. Please keep a copy of this final license agreement (the PDF with both signatures and receipt of payment)

Thank you,

Ed MacKerrow

In Light of Nature, LLC