La Luna — Our Moon Adorning the Landscape

The Moon (Luna), Earth’s natural satellite, orbits us every 27 days, always showing us her same face.  Our moon rotates in sync with the Earth’s rotation, like two dancers gazing at each other.

One of my favorite pursuits is to photograph the moon as it adorns natural landmarks on Earth.   These images are each taken at a special place and time where the moon is framed with these landmarks.  They are not composites (photographs taken at different places or times and later recombined on the computer).  With careful calculation and planning, scouting locations, and good luck with the weather, these unique photographs were created.  The photograph is the view as I witnessed the moon.

Moon photography is an adventure for me, often I drive for hours and hike miles into the backcountry to photograph the moonrise or moonset for a mere 30 seconds as it lines up with a special feature on the landscape.

Please view the full images and background story  behind the photograph by clicking on them.