In Light of Nature COVID-19 Policy

Although we are mostly outside in the open air during photography workshops, there are times when we can be in close proximity to others in poorly ventilated spaces.  During our photography workshops and tours, we must be vigilant of COVID-19 and the increased transmission risks.

  1. All workshop and tour participants are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19.  The only exceptions to this are when your medical doctor  (MD) writes an official exception on why you are unable to be vaccinated.

    You will be asked to provide vaccination records before your workshop or tour.

  2. If you experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, please get tested for COVID-19 BEFORE your workshop or tour.
  3. N-95 masks will be required when we are in confined spaces.  We will mitigate COVID transmission by ventilating vehicles and meeting rooms where possible (open the windows, and please wear a jacket or sweater if you are cold).

You can check the current risks of COVID-19 for specific counties here.

You can track the exponential spread of COVID-19 here.

Please respect the risks of COVID-19.

If you are anti-vaccine, please take a workshop/tour with another company.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

A Canada Lynx with a covid mask.

Lynx canadensis intelligentius