Half-Day Photography Tour

Northern New Mexico Photography Tour


Monday, September 20, 2021. Half-day tour. Afternoon to Evening

  • Ed will meet Jayashree at 3:00 PM in front  of  Eldorado  Hotel,  Santa  Fe
  • Ed will be in a blue Subaru Outback wagon with a Yakima roof storage box
  • Ed will drop Jayashree back off at the Eldorado Hotel after we finish photographing
    • expected return to Eldorado 8:00 – 8:30 PM

What to Expect

  • We will select the areas north of Santa Fe that have the best conditions for landscape photography
  • We will drive a couple of loops north and finish back in Santa Fe

Temperatures during the day will be warm enough for shirt sleeves.

Bring an extra long-sleeved shirt and long pants in case of mosquitoes (we have had a very wet summer)

We will be close to our vehicles for most locations.  Some locations we will want to hike short distances (less than 1/2 mile each way)

We will stop for bathroom breaks as we travel

Ed will bring some light snacks and water.  Please advise me if you have any food allergies or preferences.

Landscape Photography Goals include:

  • Ghost Ranch region
  • Abiquiu
  • San Juan and Sangre de Cristo mountains
  • Santa Fe
  • High Road to Taos

Historic La Fonda Hotel at Sunset, Santa Fe

Winter solstice December 21, 2020 sunset photo by Cerro Pedernal, New Mexico

What to Bring

Photographic equipment

  • a tripod (or let me know if you need to borrow one)
  • wide-angle lens (16-35 mm), mid-range zoom (70-200 mm), longer zoom (100-500 mm) are ideal
  • extra batteries, keep spare batteries warm in your coat pocket during the winter months
  • extra digital memory cards
  • harness that allows you to carry your camera in rough terrain

Hiking and safety equipment

  • Headlamp with good batteries (borrow from Ed)
  • Trekking poles that can fold down into your pack (borrow from Ed)
  • Daypack
  • Water and food. Ed will have light snacks and drinks for you.
  • Comfortable hiking shoes/boots with good ankle support
  • Rain jacket
  • Sunglasses, hat, long-sleeved shirt


Weather can change suddenly.  Most hiking will be on flat terrain, although you can be close to steep dropoffs at times.

Mitigation of these risks includes the following safe behaviors and practices.

  1. Stay with the group! All In Light of Nature Photography workshops and tours require all clients to stay with the instructor.
  2. Ensure you have enough water for a full-day hike.
    • There are usually no water sources in the backcountry we will travel.
    • The minimum amount of water to bring is 1/2 liter per hour when temperatures are cool.
    • The minimum amount of water to bring is 1.0 liter per hour when temperatures are hot.
  3. Hiking/trekking poles are recommended.  Ideal are poles you can collapse and secure on the side of your pack when you do not need them. Please let Ed know if you need to borrow trekking poles.
  4. Make sure your hiking shoes are comfortable.  Do not try to break in new hiking shoes on a visit here.
  5. Keep all your equipment with you at all times.  Do not stash items with hopes of picking them up later.
  6. Do not bring valuables that you plan on leaving in your car.  Bring your wallet and other valuables with you on the hike.  Think before you leave home and remove items you will not hike with (i.e. laptops, binoculars, etc.).  Trailheads can be dangerous with high crime rates and little to no law enforcement.
  7. There is no cell phone service in many of the areas we will be. I will have a satellite two-way text device with me.


Registration for a half-day photography tour.

Monday, September 20, 2021, a half-day tour.  3:00 PM – 8:00 PM( $200)
Please fill out all fields and checkboxes in this form.  Upon successful registration, you will be emailed a receipt, a study guide, and an important pre-tour survey that you must complete — so that we can best tailor your photography tour for your safety and enjoyment.
If you have any trouble with the registration, please contact me.
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