Bobcat Kittens Hiding Out

As I rode my mountain bike through the thick Colorado forest I caught of a glimpse of something to the side of me.  I stopped my bike, looked around, and listened carefully.  Nothing could be heard except my breathing and heartbeat.  It was one of those moments when my “sixth sense” was making a statement that I did indeed see something in my peripheral vision.  I have learned to not only listen to these cues but to act on them.  In this case, this meant getting off my bike and sitting on the ground quietly waiting for movement.

Through some very thick undergrowth, I saw some eyes!  I could barely make them out through the lens of my camera. Whomever these eyes belonged to, they were hiding from me and did not want to be seen.  Opting to leave the wildlife alone I got back on my bike and rode off, only to later see a mother bobcat and a pair of bobcat kittens further down the trail.  In what seemed like an eternity,  I pulled my camera out of my pack and was able to record a few images of them, before they disappeared quietly back into the thick undergrowth.

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